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Victor Blom vs Daniel Negreanu – The Tournament

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The much awaited match between Isildur1, also known as Viktor Blom finally happened at 3 pm EST on a peaceful afternoon on Sunday. Both of the players bet for $150,000 and played for the No Limit Hold ‘em for a value of $50-$100. Blom did not delay his way to the win- he made it in the first three hands of the match, all-in twice, and ended on top. The match for Blom resulted in a $26,150 lead.

Negreanu tried to score higher- or at least close to the leading Blom, but Blom had already made it to the lead with $61,300 at hand 658. It is an understatement to say that Blom is running well. He can be seen to be ‘ behind in hands’ against Negreanu, but managing to be on the top. In the illustration, Blom could be seen to shove on the flop, all-in, by just using the flush draw. Negreanu, on the other hand, had flopped his top pair with the best kicker did the call. The few moves was a trip for Negreanu, but he lost a $25,604 for Blom by a single move done by mistake.

On hand 935, Blom was able to break the $100k mark and cut the game to just three tables. Blom led the match by $119k this time. But he was not winning all these matches by mere luck, but also by strategy. For the succeeding hand, Negreanu shoved on the flop using a draw in an open ended manner. Blom had some pocket aces did an easy call. Negreanu couldn’t match it, thus losing another $14k for his opponent, Blom.

The match is down to two tables, then Negreanu decided to attempt a comeback on hand 1,165. He was able to grow back the rolls- just enough for the online match to resume into four tables. Negreanu’s comeback was based on a double up against Blom after making quadruple turns. He flopped consecutive sixes and, and Blom made a flush draw. Negreanu made another set of 6 – this made Blom realize that a flush draw is a very good move to counter his opponent. Negreanu did not delay to do some calling, which ended him to doubled up with quadruples and a good laugh as well.

That was the final gasp for Negreanu, as all went downhill from that certain point. The match was eventually moved to three tables, and then two, and then one. Negreanu has only $11,000 left when he thought of gambling with Blom. At first, Blom bet for $300 and Daniel made his bet into $1,000. Blom decided to super-shove for a value of $22,903. Negreanu gave a second thought, saying “meh” and “let’s gamble I guess”, but finally decided to gamble instead. He made a call afterwards, showing some Ks-Jc. Blom showed some Ac-Kh, dominating Negreanu. The flop ended up to be 10s-7d-Jd which gave Negreanu a top pair. Blom then hit with the Qc. There was no other choice for Negreanu but to chop the pot with a river ace. It fell to the 4d, and then it became a beat over.

The first match, ever, between Viktor Blom and Daniel Negreanu ended up with Blom busting Negreanu in 1,439 hands. After their match, Negreanu said “That was pretty frustrating. Lost the match in 1439 hands. In 20k + pots he beat me 12-2 and I ran 44k under par in all in pots again.” This is also the first match that has ended in an earlier time the expected because of busting. However, this is not at all surprising, as Negreanu is seen to be kicked up during the earlier part of the match at the $50-$100 heads-up tables. Maybe he should consider to practice more before playing with Blom.

This match was originally planned to take place on a two-weekend match with 5,000 hands total. It is yet uncertain whether or not week two will because of Negreanu’s busting. An announcement has to be made about the 2nd week of the match.

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Isildur1 VS Daniel Negreanu

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Poker fans have been long waiting for the clash between Isildur1 and Daniel Negreanu since the Pokerstars declared their SuperStar Showdown Challenge. The fact that Daniel Negreanu is a four time winner of WSOP bracelet would definitely make the game more interesting. The announcement is official and Negreanu is definitely going to face Blom next.

This time it will be different since the game will take place in two days and they will have to play 2500 hands a day. The challenge will commence on the 20th of March. The second round will be held on March 27th when the remaining stacks from 20th will be carried over.
Players have made their decision regarding the format. They will be playing $50 – $100 NL Hold’em as long as the match is on and will have 150,000 when they start the game.
Online poker fans have been desperately waiting for this match despite the fact that Negreanu himself suggested that it would take about two years to get himself ready. His constant practice with $5 – $10 NL has definitely paid off and it would be this confidence that he takes on for the game against Isildur1.
But, what worries him most is his form in the recent games. Negreanu suffered a massive loss of $100000 against Sauce123 just before the announcement for the match against Blom was made. He went ahead and characterized this match as a buildup of character in Twitter. But, his luck didn’t change later that evening because he again suffered a massive loss against the same player. All these recent advancements make Blom the clear favorite in the upcoming match.
Isildur1 has only been defeated by Isaac Haxton so far in his 5 match long Superstar challenge. He suffered a defeat against Attila Gulcsik screen name DodgyFish72. His fans play down this defeat since it was only a qualifier. Also, his loss against Seidel in the All Time money list shows that Isildur1 has a point to prove in this match. This is a unique opportunity for him to prove that he is better than the internet phenom.
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