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Baccarat: Ritual, Rules, and Rumors

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What makes baccarat incredibly fun to play is its simplicity. Almost anyone who knows how to play cards can play a game given, of course, that he has some cash to risk.

The Great History of Baccarat

Baccarat is an Italian word for zero. The origins of the game have been debated by many and everyone seems to claim it as theirs. One of the most interesting origins of baccarat, however, tells the story of a ritual held centuries ago. The Roman Etruscans in the Italian peninsula introduced baccarat over 2600 years in the past. They had nine gods who were all housed in the Temple of Golden Heir whom they were required to offer a blond virgin to. To determine whether the woman dies or not, a nine sided die was to be rolled in front of her and a specified number will determine her fate. A six or a seven meant that she could live and will be forever excused from rolling the die again. An eight or nine meant that she was to be promoted to a priestess. While a five or less meant that she had to wade farther and farther down the sea until she drowned. The rules of baccarat display a very close similarity to this story. Though the origins of the game are dark and grim, the game is absolutely fun and easy to learn.

During the 14thcentury, the game flourished when the Crusaders once again re-introduced playing cards. Cards were often once thought of by the Church as the work of the Devil, but Gutenburg, in just about the same year that he published the Holy Book, also printed playing cards which then evolved into the first tarot deck where the four suits of the deck represented a certain class in society. To represent the serfs, the Clubs, which then evolved into cloverleaves, were used. The Coins which turned into diamonds represented the merchant class and nobility was represented by the Swords, which then turned into spades. The last suit, the cups, which represented the church because of its allusion to the Holy Grail, turned into Hearts. It is worthy to note that the first King of Hearts was Charlemagne the great King of the Francs and the Emperor of the Romans.

Felix Falguire created a game similar to the Etruscan ritual in the 1600s, using tarot cards. Thinking of a name to call his game, he decided of calling in Baccara, a Venetian slang term for zero which then turned into the the game we know today. Some say that the baccarat comes from the Chinese Pai Gow, which means to make nine, and was only introduced to Italy on one of Marco Polo‘s great expeditions.  It is interesting to note that Pai Gow also has the same banker rules.

Rules on Playing the Game

Baccarat is a not a complex game, but certain rules will need some getting used to. You need to understand the dynamics of the banker hand and player hand. Two hands are dealt and one is given to the banker while the other is given to the player. In the casino mini-baccarat, the objective is to bet on the hand with two or three cards with a sum that is closer to 9. If you are the player, your objective is to draw a two or three hand card that totals closer to nine than the banker. Remember that tens and face cards are all equal to zero, and all the other cards are equal to their face value. The ace earns you one point. If, on the other hand, the total of your hand equals to more than ten, you need to drop the ten and make the second digit the value of your hand. If you hand equals 14, for example, drop the ten, and your value is 4.

Two cards are dealt at each hand, and the point totals should determine whether the banker or the player gets a third card. The hand belonging to the player is always completed first. A maximum total of 8 or 9 is often called a natural. When a player gets a natural, he gets no more cards. If, on the other hand, the banker has a 9 or ties the natural eight, no more cards are drawn, and the player with a natural is an automatic winner. A player stands when his hand totals a six or seven. On zero to five, the player draws a third card if and only if the banker has no natural, in which case the bank wins without the need for drawing more cards.

Bankers have rules that are a bit more complex. The banker must stand on the numbers 7, 8, or 9 while he draws on a 0, 1, or 2 on other hands the banker is dependent on the amount of the players third card. Here are a series of banker rules for you to follow:

  • Hand equals 0,1,2: The Banker must draw a third card
  • Hand equals 3: Banker draws only if the Players third card is 0 through 9 with the exception of 8
  • Hand totals 4: Banker draws only if Player can third 2 through 7
  • Hand totals 5: Banker draws only if Player thirds 4 through 7
  • Hand totals 6: Banker draws only if Player can third 6 or 7
  • Hand totals 7: The Banker stands

Once all the cards are dealt, either the banker or the player with the total hand that is closest to nine wins.

The Only Possible Strategy

Remember, that there is no way of improving your odds in this game. Other than trying to avoid a Tie bet, there is nothing your efforts can do to improve your chances of winning. If you wish to count the cards, like the way people do in TV, remember that its only a facade. Professional research has proved that card counting in the game of Baccarat does not work. Baccarat is completely a game of luck, but if you utilize the rules to your advantage, you may just improve your chances of winning.

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How to Play Poker

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Spawned by a historical movement which also has a direct link to the development of commercial gambling, the modern version of poker has its roots in America. Despite opposing views on the true origin of the card game that can be called the predecessor of  modern poker, this version of the game that spread in the Mississippi delta during the early 18th century has been regarded as such based on its particular betting scheme. The betting scheme of this version of the game resembles largely those of what are known as modern versions of poker today.  Learning how to play poker is easy, however, despite the many variations of the game.

Like typical card games, poker also has similar betting rules and, most of the time, the same hand rankings. The variations of poker differ based on a number of factors: the way cards are dealt to players, the way hands are formed or combined, how the pot is split among winners, and how the rules and limits on betting are implemented. In modern poker, for instance, most variations start with some kind of a forced bet that each preceding player to the left tries to match. During his turn, the player who has no capacity to match the previous bet can choose to fold or lay down his cards and quit playing his hand. A hand is a set of cards held by players in a game of poker. Typically, a hand consists of five cards.

Poker Hands Ranking

A player who holds a hand with high winning potentials or has the ability to bluff his way to victory can opt to increase his or her bet. The betting stops when all the players have either folded or matched the final bet. However, the remaining players, in case only a sole player folded on any round, can collect and snare the pot. They also have the option to conceal their cards from the other players.   A player who is very confident on the positive expected value of his bet can voluntarily place more money on the pot. However, this excludes the initial forced bets.

Albeit very much a game of chance, the outcome of a poker game is highly determined by the players’ actions. Poker, therefore, is a combination of science, particularly psychology, and probability, which is also treated as a branch of mathematics.

As with any other card game, the basic rules of poker can be learned systematically.

Here are seven basic steps on how to play poker:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the hand rankings of poker. Like most card games, the winner in the game of poker is the person who holds the highest valued set of cards or hand. It is impossible to win if you do not have the knowledge on which hands are inclined to win the pot. As a rule, if two hands have equal value, the hand that has the highest value card wins. In poker, ace has the highest value. It is highly advised to memorize the hand rankings in poker.
  2. Learn how to chip in. To chip in means to put a token bet or an ante into the pot, which is in the center spot of the game table. However, you could also use your own pot if you prefer.  Each player must place an amount that matches other players’ currency. Poker chips are the most common form of currency used in the game of professional poker. In some games, however, any currency or bet such as bills, coins, car keys, etc. can be used. The game is based on a winner-takes-all policy.
  3. Know the basics of dealing cards. A poker game is not complete without an official dealer. The dealer’s task is to shuffle the cards and distribute them face down, beginning with the player on his or her left. He then continues dealing in a clockwise direction and one card at a time until all the players have their complete initial hands. The card deck is then placed at the center of the table after the dealing is done.
  4. Mind your own cards, but also be aware of your opponents’ reactions. It is an imperative to evaluate your cards to determine how you hand will fare on the game. However, it is also important to observe tells. Tells are known in poker jargon as your opponents reactions based on how weak or strong their hands are. These are typically physical gestures such as shallow breathing, quirky hand gestures, eye contacts or the lack of, etc. Tells often betray a player to his or her opponents for it usually gives other players an idea on how strong or weak a particular hand is. Piece of advice: always wear a poker face. This means you must reduce these tells as much as possible.
  5. Learn the rules of turns. The player on the dealer’s left is the first person who usually makes a call or bet. This particular player can either open or check. To open means that he place the first bet, while to check is to pass the betting task to the next player. When the pot is opened, players who already have their turns can either:
    1. Call or stay in the game by matching with his currency the amount placed in the pot;
    2. Or fold, which means that the player opts to put his or her card face down on the game table and quit the game.

When everyone has already made their choices, players who still have their turns can raise or stay in the game via placing an amount that exceeds the value of the last person’s additional bet on the pot.

  1. Learn how to draw. After every player has had his or her turn, you can discard up to three cards and have them replaced by the dealer. This is done in turns, beginning from the dealer’s immediate left and in clockwise direction. In discarding cards, you have to decide on the cards that has the least chance of adding value to your hand’s chances of winning. However, you can also opt to keep your initial cards.
  2. Show your cards. After the initial bets and draws, players show their hands on the table to see who the winner is. The winner takes all the money on the pot.

What we have shown you are the rules of the common variation of poker. Rules may vary or can be modified according to particular game variations. If you need to know more on how to play poker variations, the Internet provides a vast source for some of the basic rules on the different poker variants. In parting, we leave you with four helpful tips that will surely make you a better poker player: stay sharp, keep your focus, relax, and enjoy the game.

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Omaha Poker

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Omaha PokerOmaha poker might be similar to Texas Hold’em poker because  the game is played using 5 community cards but both these games are somewhat different. Omaha poker is of 2 variations namely, Omaha Hi/Lo split and Omaha High. It could be played with betting based on Pot limit or without any limits or as a structured Limit game. This article shall explain about how to play Omaha poker with the help of Limit Omaha high game.

The game rules are simple to learn. In Limit hold’em poker the betting is structured and usually the lowest limit is 2 or 4 dollars in many casinos. The other limits could be 5/10 dollars or 10/20 dollars or higher than that. This example is explained considering 2/4 dollars as the lowest limit which indicates that lowest bet is 3$ during first 2 betting rounds. The same limits could be used when you rise as well.

The Dealer

Since casino does not provide a dealer any one of the players should act last in the betting rounds and is considered as the designated dealer. The dealer is identified with a “button” or disk and after every hand this is moved to left side. Unlike stud poker, all players will not place their stake to the pot in each round. Blind bets are made for generating the initial pot similar to the manner of Texas hold’em poker.

Starting of Omaha Poker

For starting a new hand, 2 “blind” bets will be posted or put up. The player present in the immediate next position to a player having a dealer button will post or put up the small blind that is roughly half the value of minimum bet. The small blind for game of 2/4 dollar minimum bet is one dollar. Another player who sits next to left of the player who posted the small blind will put the big blind that is of same value as minimum bet, which is 3 dollars for this game. The remaining players will not put up any money for starting the hand. Since the dealer button is moved around the table, every player shall finally act as a big blind, dealer and small blind. It will cost 3$ every time the dealer button makes full rotation around the poker table.

Game Opening:

After posting the blinds, every player is dealt 4 cards face down with small blind players getting the 1st card and player with dealer button receiving the last card. The 1st betting round starts with a player sitting left to the big blind who will put either 2$ in order to “call” blind bet or put 4$ in order to “raise” big blind or might choose to fold his hand. This betting will move around the poker table in sequence till the chances come to the player who has made the post for small blind. This player shall choose to call the bet with one dollar since 1$ bet was posted already. The big blind is the last person to act and if no player has raised, dealer would ask everyone if they are interested in the option which means big blind could either “check” or “rise”.

The Flop

The cards which are dealt are then reversed with face up in the center of the table which is called as “Flop”. These cards are used by all players and referred to as community cards. The next betting round commences with 1st active player who sits to left of the dealer button. 3$ is the minimum bet for this round.

The Turn

When bet round after the flop is finished, the dealer will burn another card and turn a 4th card face up in the center of the table called as “Turn”. 6$ is minimum bet after this and betting starts again with 1st active player sitting left to the dealer button.

The River

After the finish of “The Turn” betting round, dealer shall burn another card and turn the last card face up, which is called “River” and 6$ is minimum bet for this final betting round. The raise is usually 3$ or 4$ for all betting rounds other than the case if play turns heads up with 2 players and there are unlimited raises after that.

The Showdown

In order to identify the winner, players should use 2 of his hold cards and 3 cards from “Board” to make the highest-five-card hand. In Omaha Hi/Lo there are many situations where two players could tie and it happens sometimes with Omaha high also. In such cases, the pot will be split among those players, and a 6th card will never be used for breaking the tie.

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How to Play Roulette

Categories: Roulette

The objective of Roulette casino game is to choose the winning number which would appear on Roulette wheel. You could also choose colors or guess whether it is even or odd or bet on number combinations. The game is not as easy as it appears.

The Roulette Wheel

Roulette wheel is of two types namely the American wheel and European wheel. The European wheel has 37 slots number range from 0-36 with a house edge of 2.63, whereas American wheel has 38 slots due to addition of a double zero. Due to this extra number, the house edge is increased to 5.26%.

European and American roulette

The Layout of the game:

Roulette game was actually invented in France. The present layout which is found in today’s casinos dates back to year 1842. There are 2 betting areas in Roulette layouts in which inside betting area will have individual layout numbers and outside betting area will have boxes for the columns, odd or even, red or black and different number groups.

The numbers in inside layout are arranged in twelve rows of 3 numbers which form 3 vertical columns. The 00 and 0 are at top of these columns.

Buying In

You should buy special roulette chips if you wish to play the game. In order to avoid problems and confusions, each player will have a unique color chip. These chips are only usable for roulette table, and you should convert them to cash after completing your game. You cannot cash your roulette chips like regular casino chips at the cage.

Every roulette table will have maximum and minimum bet. You cannot combine your outside and inside bets for meeting the minimum of the table. If you minimum bet is 5 dollars, you must bet $5 on the table inside and $5 on the table outside. You cannot bet $2 outside and $3 inside.

Inside Bets

There are many inside bets which you can make in roulette game. You can bet on a number directly or span the line between numbers and choose a number combination.

Roulette Table Layout

The payouts will be as below,

  1. Straight Up: You make a bet on single number and the pay out is 35 to 1.
  2. Split Bet: In this you make a bet on 2 numbers and you get a pay out of 17 to 1. You can make this wager by placing your chip such that it spans the line between any 2 numbers.
  3. Line Bet or Street Bets: It shall pay out 11 to 1. You can place this wager by holding your chip in vertical line which separates inside and outside betting regions. The chip will span the 1st number in row.
  4. Quad bet or Corner bet: It will pay out 8 to 1. You can make this wager by placing a chip such that it touches the 4 corners of the numbers on which you bet.
  5. Basket bet – This bet will pay out 6 to 1 and is a 5 number bet on double zero – zero and numbers 1, 2, 3. It has a house edge of 7.89% on a double zero wheel which makes it worst bet in roulette.
  6. Double Street bet is a bet on 6 numbers and the pay out is 5 to 1. You must place your chip on the line which separates the inside and outside betting area, similar to street bet but it will also span the row below or above.

Outside Bets

The outside bets are bets places on boxes which surround the numbers. Red Black Even and Odd is all even money bets. You must place the roulette chips in the boxes present on outside betting area.

Dozens bet is a wager made on twelve sequential numbers. In this, you shall place your bet in boxes which are marked 1-12, 25-36 or 13-24. These bets shall pay 2 to 1. If the double zero or zero appears, you will lose.

Column bets are also bets made on 12 numbers but instead of 12 sequential numbers, this wage is made on numbers present in 1 or the 3 vertical columns and also in boxes present in bottom of layout. The pay out will be 2 to 1 in these bets.

The Dealer

In roulette game, dealers keep the wheel moving every time, even in between the spins and they spin the ball in a direction opposite to rotation of the wheel which makes the ball to spin and jump before landing on the number.

The dealer will make the winning number using a marker and you shall not place any wager for next spin till the market is removed from previous winning number by the dealer. You should ensure that you wait dealers to pick up the markers before you put down your chips.

Tips for Playing Roulette:

Roulette game has high house edge, but if you play at a full table, the house edge will get decreased since you shall get about thirty spins an hour that reduces the amount of time your money gets uncovered to house edge. This shall also maximize your comp time.

Do not worry if the number you want to place a wager is already covered with roulette chips. It is possible to stack your chips above the chips of another player and this is the reason that every player has different color chips.

You can place bets after the ball is spun by the dealer. The dealer shall intimate you when to stop. When the ball slows down, the dealer shall wave his/her hand above the roulette table and beckon “No more bets”.

Some people claim that there is an easy way to be successful at Roulette but the actual truth is that no system can alter the house edge of the game. Do not waste your money by purchasing a Roulette system.

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Texas Hold’em Rules

Categories: Poker

Texas Holdem is one of the most popular poker games in the world. They are also known as Texas Hold’em. One can see them often played in World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour (WPT).

There are three variations for this game: namely Limit, No Limit and Pot Limit. You can understand more about the rules of the game, vital tips, know how and strategies of three types in this page.

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold’em Game Rules:

Each player has two unique cards which they use to deal. The player can share and combine their cards to play against the five community cards placed by the dealer and try to beat it. .

  • The play is started off  with two cards being dealed face down to the players. They are referred to as hole cards or pocket cards.
  • This marks off the beginning of the first round of betting.
  • Players are allowed to fold, call the blind, bet or raise once the game starts from the clockwise direction.
  • This is a game where the blinds are live where the players can raise themselves when they get the turn.
  • In the next step, he can perform the flop where 3 cards can be dealt face up.
  • To initiate a new round of betting, the person on the dealer’s immediate left starts the first blind.
  • This is followed by another card being dealt face up, followed by another and so on.
  • The final round of betting is initiated by the dealing of the river.

The remaining players of the game tries to come out with the best five-card hand by trying out any combination of the community or hole cards. The person with the highest hand is declared winner of the pot.

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