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Victor Blom vs Daniel Negreanu – The Tournament

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The much awaited match between Isildur1, also known as Viktor Blom finally happened at 3 pm EST on a peaceful afternoon on Sunday. Both of the players bet for $150,000 and played for the No Limit Hold ‘em for a value of $50-$100. Blom did not delay his way to the win- he made it in the first three hands of the match, all-in twice, and ended on top. The match for Blom resulted in a $26,150 lead.

Negreanu tried to score higher- or at least close to the leading Blom, but Blom had already made it to the lead with $61,300 at hand 658. It is an understatement to say that Blom is running well. He can be seen to be ‘ behind in hands’ against Negreanu, but managing to be on the top. In the illustration, Blom could be seen to shove on the flop, all-in, by just using the flush draw. Negreanu, on the other hand, had flopped his top pair with the best kicker did the call. The few moves was a trip for Negreanu, but he lost a $25,604 for Blom by a single move done by mistake.

On hand 935, Blom was able to break the $100k mark and cut the game to just three tables. Blom led the match by $119k this time. But he was not winning all these matches by mere luck, but also by strategy. For the succeeding hand, Negreanu shoved on the flop using a draw in an open ended manner. Blom had some pocket aces did an easy call. Negreanu couldn’t match it, thus losing another $14k for his opponent, Blom.

The match is down to two tables, then Negreanu decided to attempt a comeback on hand 1,165. He was able to grow back the rolls- just enough for the online match to resume into four tables. Negreanu’s comeback was based on a double up against Blom after making quadruple turns. He flopped consecutive sixes and, and Blom made a flush draw. Negreanu made another set of 6 – this made Blom realize that a flush draw is a very good move to counter his opponent. Negreanu did not delay to do some calling, which ended him to doubled up with quadruples and a good laugh as well.

That was the final gasp for Negreanu, as all went downhill from that certain point. The match was eventually moved to three tables, and then two, and then one. Negreanu has only $11,000 left when he thought of gambling with Blom. At first, Blom bet for $300 and Daniel made his bet into $1,000. Blom decided to super-shove for a value of $22,903. Negreanu gave a second thought, saying “meh” and “let’s gamble I guess”, but finally decided to gamble instead. He made a call afterwards, showing some Ks-Jc. Blom showed some Ac-Kh, dominating Negreanu. The flop ended up to be 10s-7d-Jd which gave Negreanu a top pair. Blom then hit with the Qc. There was no other choice for Negreanu but to chop the pot with a river ace. It fell to the 4d, and then it became a beat over.

The first match, ever, between Viktor Blom and Daniel Negreanu ended up with Blom busting Negreanu in 1,439 hands. After their match, Negreanu said “That was pretty frustrating. Lost the match in 1439 hands. In 20k + pots he beat me 12-2 and I ran 44k under par in all in pots again.” This is also the first match that has ended in an earlier time the expected because of busting. However, this is not at all surprising, as Negreanu is seen to be kicked up during the earlier part of the match at the $50-$100 heads-up tables. Maybe he should consider to practice more before playing with Blom.

This match was originally planned to take place on a two-weekend match with 5,000 hands total. It is yet uncertain whether or not week two will because of Negreanu’s busting. An announcement has to be made about the 2nd week of the match.

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Get The Basics About Poker Freerolls

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Are you aspiring to play online poker games, but having trouble in getting to any of the poker rooms online? Do you feel uneasy making bets on online poker websites? Worry no more. For those who are not so much into spending a fortune in playing online poker, freeroll tournaments are a very good option.

What Is A Freeroll?

A freeroll tournament is hosted by online poker gaming sites to give online players the chance to win prizes in the form of cash and discounts. Unlike regular poker games seen online, freeroll tournaments are risk free, and very ideal for those who are just starting off. Among the online poker sites that offer freeroll tournaments is the Full Tilt Poker.

No matter what game you are into online – whether poker, bingo, or other betting games, a freeroll tournament is always there ready to welcome players like you. Various players can enjoy a wide array of games in Full Tilt, whether they are up for an HOE, PLO, Limit Holdem or Razz.

Possible Prize For Freerolls

Normally, freeroll sites offer cash freerolls for their players. These types of online tournament allows about 1% of the total population of players to win a cash prize in freeroll tournaments. Take for instance a certain freeroll tournament that max out 3000 players. Three hundred of these players will be able to win a price, and most of these can win $15 dollars in every freeroll tournament, at most. Such amount of jackpot is not a bad idea at all, since most freeroll games start at around $0.01 to $0.02- something even a person of a modest living could afford.

Other Freeroll Tournaments

There are many freeroll tournaments offered in online betting and gaming sites- not only cash freerolls. Such games can even be a gateway to other bigger games and events. Some of these include events like: FTOPS Main Event, NBC National Heads-Up Champions, Poker After Dark and the World Series of Poker Main Event.

Private freerolls are also held online by several companies or websites. In most cases, these are smaller freeroll events that pave way for businesses to encourage other businesses or provide means to reward their customers. For example, Rounders Radio hosts freeroll tournaments, and for avid poker gamers to have access to the venue, they will be required to tune in to the said radio station.  Regional freerolls hosted by the government are also existent. These allow people from a certain country to compete with their fellow, or gamers from other foreign land.

Winning In A Freeroll

If you are able to win in a freeroll tournament, then it will be easy to have access to other freeroll events to play more games and win more cash. You can even have the option to keep the cash prize and stop playing.  Unlike deposit bonus offers, players will not be required to play several games to get their cash prizes.

Joining an online freeroll tournament is not as difficult as joining games that require a considerable amount of money to participate. Most freeroll sites will ask you to install a certain software and sign up. After making an account, you will have an access to the site and VOILA! You can freely select the freeroll tournaments in which you choose to participate. As long as the game is open to the gaming public, there is no limit to the number of freerolls you can participate in. Isn’t it risk free and convenient?

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Jose Macedo – Girah

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Every fan of online poker forums might have heard about the “Portuguese Poker Prodigy” which was trained by Daniel Cates screen name jungleman12. This is no longer a mystery as we now know from the TwoPlus Two forums that Jose Macedo with screen name Girah is the new prodigy.

The story of Macedo is quite interesting and resembles a fantastic movie. He was raised by a single mom as his dad died when he was four. She tried her best to be a good father and provide her son with everything he wanted. Little Jose dreamt about owning a house in Hawaii when he was 16. it is said that Jose was seriously inspired by the Tom Dwan story which a friend told him.

He then went on to learn a great deal about the game and finally convinced his mother who then deposited €30 on Betfair on his behalf. He was able to successfully convert this deposit into a mind blowing $2,500 well before he even heard about online forums and the Hold’em Manager software.

Macedo has said that he tried to learn a lot from the various online players but was not able to learn anything from their concepts. He tried to contact them through Skype and asked them to train him. With all this ccumulated knowledge, he was able to make a massive amount of $1.6 Million.

His life was not a bed of roses, he had to face his ups and downs in the endeavor and at a particular stage, he was cheated out of $250000 by his own accomplice. He learned a lot from this incident and learned to convert failures into succes. He made his dream a reality when he finally brought the house at Hawaii which he was dreaming of since he was sixteen. Now that the world knows about the story of his life, he continues to inspire people.

Many readers in twoplustwo forums cannot really digest this story, and most of them think that this is a fake one. It sounds much more like a story that they have heard too often and they simply refuses to believe that it might have actually happened.

Having said that, one should note that no one would have believed if someone told that a TN accountant would win the world series of poker main event and win $40, you would have probably thought it would be a hoax too. Some people think its too crafty to be true and there are others who think it is true. Only time will reveal if this kid is a fake or a real source of inspiration.

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Barry Greenstein Biography

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Barry Greenstein

Barry Greenstein was no different from other poker players when he started his career. His principal object then was to run behind money and to make it the source to livelihood. Many years after ward he used the same game to help others who never had his privileges.

Greenstein’s father taught him the tricks associated with playing poker when he was a young boy and it stayed with him that way into his middle age and later years. He was educated at The University of Illinois College in Urbana, Champaign. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and studied mathematics too. After his graduation, Greenstein who also played poker then, turned into a professional player.

A few years afterward, his desire to care for his stepchildren brought Greenstein unwillingly came back to a regular life of work. He called it off a day after having worked for Symantec until 1991. Even while working for Symantec, he continued with his passion; poker. The fact, that he could make more money in poker, rather than his job, and still devote more time for his family, weighed in favor of his quitting his job at Symantec.

Greenstein has the reputation for being one of the toughest cash game player on earth, both under Limit and No limit Hold Em. Greenstein pocketed the Million Dollar Seven Card Stud Tournament at the Larry Flynt Poker Challenge Cup in 2003. This tournament gave him $770,000 in prize money.

It was about this time he built a reputation for becoming a philanthropist. A major part of the money he won went to Children Incorporated and that was when he made it a habit to donate all tournament earnings to this organization. Greenstein’s prize money from WPT World Poker Open in 2004 was $1.27 million which he made it over entirely to Children Incorporated. That was when Greenstein was nicknamed “Robin Hood of Poker.”

In 2006 Greenstein took the decision to peg down his charitable donations to his profit levels, which was not the case till2006. This was inevitable due to the big expenses involved in Tournament poker which had grown too big by then and he had to make provision for losses as well.

Greenstein’s total earnings from poker were $7.2 million in his career span. On top of his earnings he has to his credit 2 WPT tiles and 3 gold bracelets from WSOP. Greenstein can seldom be missed in the big time cash games at the Bobby’s Room in Las Vegas. World Poker Tour, High Stakes Poker, ESPN, the WSOP and Poker After Dark are some of the televised poker shows in which Greenstein was seen.

There are few professionals who can match Barry Greenstein capable of playing tournaments and cash games alike at the top. There is nothing that he has still left for achievement, and soon, in a couple of years at the most, will be lock at the Hall of Fame. His gestures, particularly the philanthropic endeavors are significantly changing the lives everywhere. Whether it is at the poker table or in life, Greenstein is apparently a winner.


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A new online poker game being launched by Xbox

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There are lots of online poker consoles available in the market today. Thereare quite a few of them, which are exceptional and ensures high qualityperformance. The Xbox from Microsoft is quite clearly the leader of the packand entails the best online poker technology. They have recently introducedthe Full House Poker, and it has been an instant hit among the video gamecommunity. The full house poker features a serious about tournaments,which are known as Texas Heat and is a success of 1 vs 100. This productwas released yesterday by Microsoft. The technology used in this gameensures real life poker playing experience. They have included a season longtournaments in this game. You can also play it like Texas Hold’em gamesand can add around thirty players. You can choose human players or thecomputer.

Microsoft feels that they can earn a lot of cash from these games. This is incontrast with the fact that video game lovers play them for Xbox’s credits.Once the government of the US legalizes this game, Microsoft will definitelytry to cash on it. One of the greatest advantages of this game is that playerscan get a leveled feeling about this game because of its architecture. Playingand managing this game is quite effortless and swift. There are somepredefined actions for call, bet and fold, which make the whole process quiteeasy. There is a fifteen second timer which helps you to keep a note of thetime of game play. The only thing contradicting the whole process is the factthat US governments still consider the process illegal. This game is availablefor Windows phone 7, Xbox and Xbox live arcade. All this ensures that theFull House Poker will remain a favorite among video game enthusiasts.

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