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Categories: Casino Reviews is one of the most remarkable of the poker rooms around today, attracting one of the biggest player bases in history. There are several factors as to why is very popular, which will be elaborated in this review. Some of the factors attributed to the popularity of include:

  • Software and features frequent updates are in place in order to improve the kind of experience one can have in These updates make the system very reliable so there are no data losses reported so far and you can play up to even four tables simultaneously. Depending on what will work for you, you can choose to either download the program or use the no-download version for Linux-and Mac-based computers. There is also a Deal Making facility in place whenever poker tournaments are down to the last table although this is entirely an optional choice. This feature also allows players to stop a tournament and then split up chips in whatever way was agreed. For this deal to push through, all players at the table must be in agreement.
  • Sign up bonus one of the most appreciated and well-known things about are the generous bonuses you can take advantage of, including a bonus when you make your first deposit. Instantly, you’ll get $25 as a bonus, which will grow higher as the amount of the deposit you place grows.
  • Game variety offers a great number of games, including Texas Hold ’em, Seven Card Stud, Omaha, and other variants of poker games. A wide number of buy-in options are also offered, some starting at as low as $3, plus there’s also the main event PartyPoker Million and a new tournament every Sunday that offers $300,000 in prizes.
  • Deposits and withdrawal methods you can use major debit and credit cards when making deposits, as well as major online payment processors like Moneybookers, Click2Pay, and bank transfers. You can withdraw money, on the other hand, via bank wire transfers, and debit or credit cards. You may also have your check sent to you by FedEx or mail.
  • Beginners’ tables there are special tables set for new players, usable within 45 days after a player has made his first deposit. This primarily protects new players from sharks sniffing out inexperienced players, available in different, workable stakes that beginners can take advantage of.
  • Customer service free phone support is available 24/7, as well as email assistance for less urgent matters.
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Get The Basics About Poker Freerolls

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Are you aspiring to play online poker games, but having trouble in getting to any of the poker rooms online? Do you feel uneasy making bets on online poker websites? Worry no more. For those who are not so much into spending a fortune in playing online poker, freeroll tournaments are a very good option.

What Is A Freeroll?

A freeroll tournament is hosted by online poker gaming sites to give online players the chance to win prizes in the form of cash and discounts. Unlike regular poker games seen online, freeroll tournaments are risk free, and very ideal for those who are just starting off. Among the online poker sites that offer freeroll tournaments is the Full Tilt Poker.

No matter what game you are into online – whether poker, bingo, or other betting games, a freeroll tournament is always there ready to welcome players like you. Various players can enjoy a wide array of games in Full Tilt, whether they are up for an HOE, PLO, Limit Holdem or Razz.

Possible Prize For Freerolls

Normally, freeroll sites offer cash freerolls for their players. These types of online tournament allows about 1% of the total population of players to win a cash prize in freeroll tournaments. Take for instance a certain freeroll tournament that max out 3000 players. Three hundred of these players will be able to win a price, and most of these can win $15 dollars in every freeroll tournament, at most. Such amount of jackpot is not a bad idea at all, since most freeroll games start at around $0.01 to $0.02- something even a person of a modest living could afford.

Other Freeroll Tournaments

There are many freeroll tournaments offered in online betting and gaming sites- not only cash freerolls. Such games can even be a gateway to other bigger games and events. Some of these include events like: FTOPS Main Event, NBC National Heads-Up Champions, Poker After Dark and the World Series of Poker Main Event.

Private freerolls are also held online by several companies or websites. In most cases, these are smaller freeroll events that pave way for businesses to encourage other businesses or provide means to reward their customers. For example, Rounders Radio hosts freeroll tournaments, and for avid poker gamers to have access to the venue, they will be required to tune in to the said radio station.  Regional freerolls hosted by the government are also existent. These allow people from a certain country to compete with their fellow, or gamers from other foreign land.

Winning In A Freeroll

If you are able to win in a freeroll tournament, then it will be easy to have access to other freeroll events to play more games and win more cash. You can even have the option to keep the cash prize and stop playing.  Unlike deposit bonus offers, players will not be required to play several games to get their cash prizes.

Joining an online freeroll tournament is not as difficult as joining games that require a considerable amount of money to participate. Most freeroll sites will ask you to install a certain software and sign up. After making an account, you will have an access to the site and VOILA! You can freely select the freeroll tournaments in which you choose to participate. As long as the game is open to the gaming public, there is no limit to the number of freerolls you can participate in. Isn’t it risk free and convenient?

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A new online poker game being launched by Xbox

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There are lots of online poker consoles available in the market today. Thereare quite a few of them, which are exceptional and ensures high qualityperformance. The Xbox from Microsoft is quite clearly the leader of the packand entails the best online poker technology. They have recently introducedthe Full House Poker, and it has been an instant hit among the video gamecommunity. The full house poker features a serious about tournaments,which are known as Texas Heat and is a success of 1 vs 100. This productwas released yesterday by Microsoft. The technology used in this gameensures real life poker playing experience. They have included a season longtournaments in this game. You can also play it like Texas Hold’em gamesand can add around thirty players. You can choose human players or thecomputer.

Microsoft feels that they can earn a lot of cash from these games. This is incontrast with the fact that video game lovers play them for Xbox’s credits.Once the government of the US legalizes this game, Microsoft will definitelytry to cash on it. One of the greatest advantages of this game is that playerscan get a leveled feeling about this game because of its architecture. Playingand managing this game is quite effortless and swift. There are somepredefined actions for call, bet and fold, which make the whole process quiteeasy. There is a fifteen second timer which helps you to keep a note of thetime of game play. The only thing contradicting the whole process is the factthat US governments still consider the process illegal. This game is availablefor Windows phone 7, Xbox and Xbox live arcade. All this ensures that theFull House Poker will remain a favorite among video game enthusiasts.

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Isildur1 VS Daniel Negreanu

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Daniel Negreanu at the WPT's Doyle Brunson Fiv...

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Poker fans have been long waiting for the clash between Isildur1 and Daniel Negreanu since the Pokerstars declared their SuperStar Showdown Challenge. The fact that Daniel Negreanu is a four time winner of WSOP bracelet would definitely make the game more interesting. The announcement is official and Negreanu is definitely going to face Blom next.

This time it will be different since the game will take place in two days and they will have to play 2500 hands a day. The challenge will commence on the 20th of March. The second round will be held on March 27th when the remaining stacks from 20th will be carried over.
Players have made their decision regarding the format. They will be playing $50 – $100 NL Hold’em as long as the match is on and will have 150,000 when they start the game.
Online poker fans have been desperately waiting for this match despite the fact that Negreanu himself suggested that it would take about two years to get himself ready. His constant practice with $5 – $10 NL has definitely paid off and it would be this confidence that he takes on for the game against Isildur1.
But, what worries him most is his form in the recent games. Negreanu suffered a massive loss of $100000 against Sauce123 just before the announcement for the match against Blom was made. He went ahead and characterized this match as a buildup of character in Twitter. But, his luck didn’t change later that evening because he again suffered a massive loss against the same player. All these recent advancements make Blom the clear favorite in the upcoming match.
Isildur1 has only been defeated by Isaac Haxton so far in his 5 match long Superstar challenge. He suffered a defeat against Attila Gulcsik screen name DodgyFish72. His fans play down this defeat since it was only a qualifier. Also, his loss against Seidel in the All Time money list shows that Isildur1 has a point to prove in this match. This is a unique opportunity for him to prove that he is better than the internet phenom.
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