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2011 Review

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About Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt started in business since 2004. It is a place for poker players online, and known to be the world’s most popular and successful poker room that had every existed online. Thanks to the online poker players that made a huge name in the industry of online poker. They are, at the same time, the names that made up the team of Full Tilt players:  Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, Howard Lederer, Jennifer Harmen, Mike Matasow (aka The Mouth), Phil Ivey and many others.

Special Offers And Price Pools

Full Tilt offers a lot of attractive deals. One of which is the 100% sign up bonus. Newly registered members have to sign-up for a minimal fee, which is refundable during a one-off bonus. Freeroll tournaments are also hosted by the website every hour, thus giving players more chances to win in a single day. During a free-roll tournament, 1% of the total number of players has the chance to get paid out. For example, if the freeroll tournament houses a number of 2700 players 27 of these will be paid out.

There is also a guaranteed prize pool worth $100. This is the division of the prize pool. First placer wins a total of $15. Second place wins $12, and third receives $9. Fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh places will win $7, $6, $5 and $4 respectively. Both eight and ninth places win $3, and the rest of the players will receive $2- enough to join a table of low stakes cash, or join a mini-tournament of Sit and Go. With the right strategies and nurturing, this small amount could become a total of million dollars.

Tournament Structure In Full Tilt

Add-ons or re-buys have no place in the Full Tilt Tournament. Blinds in the tournament go up in an interval of 10 minutes, thus allowing the game to have a nice flow. Turbo versions are also available. It is in this version where the game is fast-paced and blinds in the tournament go up faster than the regular freeroll tournaments. This turbo version is a lot ideal to freeroll players who regularly play online freeroll tournaments. For players, there is a break after every hour in the game.

Such type of tournament occurring in freerolls are also common in the other types of poker. Some few good examples are the tournament in No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em, other Texas Hold ‘Em versions such as Limit and Pot Limit versions. It could also be seen in other poker rooms like Stud H/L, Stud Hi, Razz, Omaha, Omaha H/L and Omaha Hi. In Full Tilt, players can experience the various levels of playing online poker. Among all these versions, the most popular is the event No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em.

Something amazing going on in the freeroll tournament is, reaching the maximum number – that is, 2700 participants within seconds. It is so surprising to see that these games last for about 3 to four hours, and everyone gets the chance to play several times a day.

Promotional Free Rolls

Promotional freerolls run in almost similar way with the regular freerolls. The only difference is with prizes. Unlike regular freerolls, promotional freerolls here give away prizes in the form of items, or discounts. In other words, most promotional freerolls have non-cash prizes at stake. For example, some tournaments give off DVDs like Phil Gordon’s Final Table Poker DVD for the first prize winners.

Exclusive Freerolls

There are also types of freerolls that are accessible only to a certain group of people. Some of these come as freerolls exclusive only for the resident of a certain country or state. Full Tilt also offers these kinds of freeroll tournaments, allowing persons of a certain country to play with the others and give them bragging rights such as dominating his own country within the poker room.

Other Promos

There are other promos that Full Tilt offers to its users, aside from participation in some of their excellent free-roll tournaments. Full Tilt also houses poker games of various versions. Cash tables are also plenty, that it allows a user to play mini blinds (for a $0.05/$0.10 deposit) in a No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em game, or to play blinds with huge cash prizes such as $500/1000.

Full Tilt houses a total of 25000 tables, and up to 75000 players all in all.  Most games are hosted by the Sit & Go Tournaments, and they are also the ones giving off cash and promotional  prizes in the poker room.

There are also available free-roll Sit & Go tournaments for the registered users of Full Tilt. To take advantage of the said tournament an FTP (Full Tilt Points – collected by playing poker using real cash on Full Tilt) . It can be a gateway to other tournaments which could be better, and offering bigger cash prizes.

Get Started Now

In general, Full Tilt is a nice venue to showcase your poker skills, or just to practice playing poker. The site offers easy to navigate and very good looking poker rooms, as well as an online portal to accommodate the concerns of poker enthusiasts. Whether you are a skilled player, or just wandering around, Full Tilt is a nice website to visit and to register to.

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Full Tilt Poker With Onyx Cup

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The Onyx cup- which consists of 6 high stakes tournaments were announcedby Full Tilt poker recently. This ensures that all the big guns in the pokergame can have a go at each other. It will consist of five rounds of no limitTexas Hold’em poker and finally a grand finale. This super series is expectedto have the highest buy-ins in the history of the game.

Early analysis has shown that the buy-in amounts can range anywherebetween $100,000 and $300,000. Winners can take away $3000000 fromthe series. The finale will see a $250,000 buy-in since another $1,000,000will be added onto it. There is eternal greatness awaiting the winners alongwith a sports car and Ofcourse the Onyx cup.

Rules for FreeRoll Tournaments

The participants of the Onyx cup are decided through a serious aboutFreeRoll tournaments conducted by Full Tilt poker. The winners of the firstround of the FreeRoll rounds quality to play the second round which will beheld on March 19th. Players can win hundred tickets for the final tournamenthere. The winners of this round will be awarded the Onyx Cup Series Event 1package as a prize.

Tournament Schedule for the Onyx Cup

The tournament is scheduled to occur from May through December of thisyear. The initial tournament is for $100,000 buy-in and is set to happen on12th of May at Las Vegas. The second round will again happen at Las Vegason 7th and 8th of July. The amount will remain the same. The 3rd and 4thevents will happen on September. It has been decided that Asia will hostthese events, but they are yet to decide on the buy-in amounts. The buy-inof the 5th even is yet to be decided and this will happen in Europe. Las Vegaswill host the finale which will happen in December. The buy-in for this eventis yet to be decided by Full Tilt Poker.

It has been decided that the first 6 events will be a shot clock formatat 8-handed tables. Every player will be given 30 seconds to act, failingwhich their hands will be either checked or folded. Every day, they will behanded over 3 time chips. The first one is for a period of 2 minutes, and theremaining can be used for 30 second each. They can be used anytime theplayer wants.

About Full Tilt Poker

This is an online room designed for poker card games, and it was formedin 2004. It called in for the efforts of some of the world’s best professionalpoker players. Some of the big shots involved were Phil Ivey, Chris Fergusonand Mike Matusow. Howard Lederer, Jennifer Harman and Andy Bloch werealso involved in the formation of Full Tilt Poker. The game room is registeredin Alderney and is regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

You can participate in real and play money categories at this room. Thepoker room features a team called the Team Full Tilt which involves all theplayers behind its formation. This collective effort ensures that the playersat this gaming site can have a chance to learn, chat and play the game withthe pros.

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