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Barry Greenstein Biography

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Barry Greenstein

Barry Greenstein was no different from other poker players when he started his career. His principal object then was to run behind money and to make it the source to livelihood. Many years after ward he used the same game to help others who never had his privileges.

Greenstein’s father taught him the tricks associated with playing poker when he was a young boy and it stayed with him that way into his middle age and later years. He was educated at The University of Illinois College in Urbana, Champaign. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and studied mathematics too. After his graduation, Greenstein who also played poker then, turned into a professional player.

A few years afterward, his desire to care for his stepchildren brought Greenstein unwillingly came back to a regular life of work. He called it off a day after having worked for Symantec until 1991. Even while working for Symantec, he continued with his passion; poker. The fact, that he could make more money in poker, rather than his job, and still devote more time for his family, weighed in favor of his quitting his job at Symantec.

Greenstein has the reputation for being one of the toughest cash game player on earth, both under Limit and No limit Hold Em. Greenstein pocketed the Million Dollar Seven Card Stud Tournament at the Larry Flynt Poker Challenge Cup in 2003. This tournament gave him $770,000 in prize money.

It was about this time he built a reputation for becoming a philanthropist. A major part of the money he won went to Children Incorporated and that was when he made it a habit to donate all tournament earnings to this organization. Greenstein’s prize money from WPT World Poker Open in 2004 was $1.27 million which he made it over entirely to Children Incorporated. That was when Greenstein was nicknamed “Robin Hood of Poker.”

In 2006 Greenstein took the decision to peg down his charitable donations to his profit levels, which was not the case till2006. This was inevitable due to the big expenses involved in Tournament poker which had grown too big by then and he had to make provision for losses as well.

Greenstein’s total earnings from poker were $7.2 million in his career span. On top of his earnings he has to his credit 2 WPT tiles and 3 gold bracelets from WSOP. Greenstein can seldom be missed in the big time cash games at the Bobby’s Room in Las Vegas. World Poker Tour, High Stakes Poker, ESPN, the WSOP and Poker After Dark are some of the televised poker shows in which Greenstein was seen.

There are few professionals who can match Barry Greenstein capable of playing tournaments and cash games alike at the top. There is nothing that he has still left for achievement, and soon, in a couple of years at the most, will be lock at the Hall of Fame. His gestures, particularly the philanthropic endeavors are significantly changing the lives everywhere. Whether it is at the poker table or in life, Greenstein is apparently a winner.


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David Peat Biography

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David Peat is widely considered as one of the better players that the highstakes poker arena has seen in quite a while. He was initially a residentof Ohio and moved to Las Vegas about eight years back with a view toparticipate in professional poker. He came with a reputation of being thebest high stakes poker player around then.

The owner of a rather loose playing style, he is known in the poker worldhas “Viffer”. He is a thorough entertainer, and his opposition has found hisstyle of play to be amusing as well as aggressive at times. He is a regularfigure when it comes to the Las Vegas cash game scene. One usually findshim playing stakes of $300.00 – $600.00 or higher. He is also a popular TVfigure and has featured in several shows including Poker After Dark, the BigGame etc. Currently, he is working on High Stakes Poker– Season 7.

David peat is widely renowned to be a specialist in cash games, but he isactive in the tournament world as well. The three lone cashes victory hehas in the tournament world are quite wonderful. In 2005, he made cash as big as $1,500 NL. A couple of years down the line, he found himself withflamboyant victories in WPT events. The $5,000 NL win when he finishedsecond in the Five Star World Poker Class was just the stepping stone of this$202,000 take away in the whole tournament. He made a commendableperformance by ending up seventh in the WPT Mirage Poker Showdown. Asyou might know, Jonathan Little won the title in that event.

David is a known party animal, and it is what he does when he is not playingpoker. He has confessed that the two loves of his life are playing poker andpartying. He is a known ladies-man who enjoys the company of his friendsand goes about hitting clubs. It would be interesting to note that he was aprofessional pool player before he decided to try his luck in poker.

There are two things that are always on the cards when David is playing.He will be part of huge pots and the table will be brimming with excitement.Peat is often considered a rare breed among players who would kill to keeptheir names clean. He enjoys the game and is therefore an entertainer to allpoker lovers.

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