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The Biography of Eugene Katchalov

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Eugene Katchalov was born in Ukraine, but his family moved to Brooklyn, New York in United States of America when he was just 10 years old. He studied in a Russian speaking Jewish school where he enrolled in the 5th standard, though he was supposed to study in the 7th standard. He studied in the school with his cousin, but he found it highly difficult to adjust there. Later he got admitted to a public school where he finally found his deserving success.

As a teenager, he was very active in sporting activities. He took part in many sports namely basketball, tennis, and he even joined the school bowling team. Then he registered in the Stern School of Business at New York University where he achieved two degrees. At first, he took up trading as his job, and he used to play poker with his friends just for fun. Then he started to play poker on a regular basis along with his day job. It is around this time that he took up poker as an easy way of income for paying off his bills. Gradually, he turned his interest into a flourishing career.

Eugene Katchalov started his career with participating in online poker tournaments and then by the year 2003, he announced himself to be a professional poker player. He entered the Five Diamond World Poker Classic in Las Vegas on the insistence of a friend and stood 5th. He entered the World Poker Tour Main Event collaborating with the same friend and soon found exposure to the top level of the game. He earned 48 thousand dollars from the tournament which covered all his expenses.

He was completely engrossed in the game of poker and was not able to work in the shadow of a big company where he lacked independence. Thus he decided to open an independent trading firm where he will not be bound. For this purpose, he used poker as a tool for collecting the capital needed to start the firm. The firm was the gate way to independence for Eugene Katchalov, which will enable him to dedicate more time to the game of poker.

2007 was a golden year for this sensational poker maestro. He started off his campaign with the Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Tour Classic where he achieved victory, and he followed this performance with victories in all the tournaments he took part in the Belliago in that season. He rounded off his year by winning the Full Tilt tournament in Vegas, which saw him win the 119 thousand dollars prize money. This money acted as the capital for Eugene Katachalov and his partner for opening the independent firm they dreamt of.

World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) was the next stop for this highly talented poker player, and he conquered this event too winning a bracelet as the prize. The poker career of Eugene Katchalov has some very important highlights. One of the most important events in his career came when he won the World Poker Tour (WPT) title along with nearly 2.5 million dollars of prize money defeating poker greats like Raymond Davis and David Ulliott. Then he competed in the High Roller event on the European Poker Tour (EPT) London where he was placed 3rd. He recently competed in the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure High Roller Event and won it comprehensively.

Eugene Katchalov is a poker genius who has conquered the game with his intelligence and strategic mind. He was signed by pokerstars as a permanent member of their team. He is indeed a truly extraordinary poker champion.

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Poker News – October 2010

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Poker Hall of Fame Nominees Blogged by Doyle Brunson

Poker world’s legendary figure and hall of famer Doyle Brunson sees his favorite Barry Greenstein and Erik Seidel joining the ranks of immortal’s in the Poker Hall of Fame. Brunson cited the experience and overall skills of his two top choices as their tickets to the Hall of Fame. He also acknowledged the skills of Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey, but he added that this is not their year to win, although he is positive that these two young players will soon join their ranks of poker’s immortals.

Doyle Brunson in 2007 World Series of Poker - ...
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TV Poker

Poker events will soon hit the television this year. This was announced by Versus, a sports cable channel known for airing the National Hockey League and World Extreme Cagefighting. Versus will start showing poker events in time for the World Series of Poker Circuit Events. The poker show is produced by Poker PROductions beginning with the Horseshoe Hamond event from Hammond, Indiana and culminating with the first WSOP Circuit National Championship in Las Vegas before the 2011 World Series of Poker. Poker-themed “Whales” series created by the same producers of “Weeds” will soon be aired. The new-half hour comedy series will feature a group of young internet poker players renting a luxurious apartment in Las Vegas as they prepare for the World Series of Poker.

iPad Acquires Real Money Poker Site

Poker enthusiasts can now play with real money on the iPad table computer as well as on the iPhone and the iPod touch portable computer. The latest innovation for online gaming has been created by SawadeeSoft, Ireland-based software development company. This is the first real-money poker site on iPad called Players can play six-seat no-limit Texas Holdem cash games on their portable computer systems. SawadeeSoft is also looking forward to future developments that will include multi-table tournaments, single-table sit-and-go tournaments and the Pot-Limit Omaha. It can be recalled that these poker games can be played online and only game available on the site is the short-handed cash game. The real money poker site can be accessed by players using the company web site and restricts US-based customers from accessing the game. The site recognizes the anti-online gambling laws.

Dementia Can Be Prevented by Poker, Study Shows

The effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia can be delayed or minimized by playing poker, according to a recent study in France which examined five thousand elderly patients. Those who played poker at least twice a week have reduced the risks of dementia compared to their sedentary peers. According to Dr. Jeffrey Cummings, a medical researcher who specializes in Alzheimer’s disease, the study reveals that the retirement concept of “rest and relaxation” can be a predisposing factor to the risk of dementia. Furthermore, the study identified that sustained mental activity can retard or keep off the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Poker has been known to be a good mental exercise of elderly people. Dr. Cummings added that the world’s poker top players are past their conventional retirement ages, citing Doyle Brunson (77), Berry Johnson (75) and TJ Cloutier (70).

David Vamplew Nails John Juanda at EPT London

David Vamplew took off with GBP900,000 (US41.4 million) defeating John Juanda of America at the London leg of European Poker Tour. This is David Vamplew’s first major career title. The Scottish poker pro started at a disadvantage to American poker veteran Juanda, playing heads-up at a four-to-one chip. However, Vamplew strongly made a come back to win the title. To date, Vamplew’s victory marked the fourth consecutive winnings of a UK native in as many weeks at a major event. The past weeks saw the victories of Toby Lewis at the EPT Tournament in Portugal which earned him EU467,836 (US$594,568); Jake Cody took home with GBP273,783 (US$425,492) at the First World Poker Tour London event; while James Bord bagged the WSOP Europe title with GBP830,401 (US$1,281,048), a week after.

Guilty Pleas to Illegal Sports Betting Submitted by Ten Canadians

An organized criminal organization involved in illegal gambling on games involving both the Canadian Football League and National Football League, the National Hockey League as well as the Major League Baseball has been uncovered by authorities in Canada. Ten Canadian men, 8 of whom pleaded guilty to unlawful bookmaking will face two years imprisonment while the 2 others are guilty of a crime benefiting a criminal organization and charges of illegal bookmaking. The two, identified as Domenico Velenosi and Carmelo Cannistraro, will be sentenced to a maximum of 14 years imprisonment due to the additional charge of benefiting a criminal organization.  The men have been allegedly working for major organized criminal personalities, taking bets on the sports earlier mentioned. The guilty pleas were submitted to a Montreal judge when Federal prosecutors found out their operations in illegal sports bookmaking web sites.

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