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Blackjack Card Counting

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There are some notable differences to playing Blackjack when compared to other casino games. The main thing is that it can be beaten. A player get to have multiple hands during the dealings or shuffles. This enables an intelligent player to predict the cards yet to come gaining information from the already dealt cards. This factor makes it more interesting than roulette or craps where the past moves does not have any impact on the future moves. So, a smart player can use card counting, which is perfectly legal and within the law, to assure an advantage over the other players by performing a mathematical calculation of the probabilities.

If a player finds himself in a situation where the cards left to be dealt has a good ratio of tens and aces when compared to the smaller cards, he is at a definite advantage. So, card counting can be used as an effective way to check if the remaining deck favors the player. A card counter can place high wages when his deck has a lot of tens and aces. Similarly, he might place a small bet or leave the table if his deck is filled with smaller cards like twos through sixes.

In fact, anyone who is ready to spend some effort and quality time in playing this can actually get the better out of it.

In contrary to what entertainment media displays like the Rain Man or 21 depicts, card counting is something that ordinary people can get acquainted with. The articles and discussions will throw more light into the art of card counting which offers everyone an equal chance to win these games.

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