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How to Find The Most Safest and Secure Bingo Sites

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Environment settings and rules to play bingo are  usually regulated by those bingo sites you can find online, which are  often similar to the regulations that they apply at their brick and  mortar facilities, when they have a physical presence. Although, they  can guarantee the security of their sites, implementing a safe website  is easier said than done. Therefore, if you want to make sure to find  the most safest and secure bingo sites, here are some hints that may help you.

First Things First

Gaining access to websites that manage personal and financial  information requires that you first review your own security settings.  Having your operating system up to date with security updates and  patches, installing an antivirus software that also detects malware and spyware, besides upgrading your web browser to the latest version, or installing a modern browser instead will certainly improve safe surfing through the different bingo

Check Elemental Security Elements

Once you are ready to explore bingo sites, make sure that they have a  visible security seal that must be on their main page, although, it can  be a static element that appears on all the pages that you browse.  However, anyone can fake or even steal an image of a seal. When you are  unsure of the safety of the site, click on the seal and you should have  further information about security on the site.

Moreover, when you enter in an area that asks for personal or  financial details, a padlock that should appear either in the bottom bar  of your browser or next to the address bar. Clicking on it may provide  you further security information (in some browsers) and secure forms  must run over secure sockets layer (SSL) that translates the starting of  the URL into https.

Are Bingo Sites Regulated?

Yes they are! Therefore, this is another fact to keep into account  when it comes to making sure to find the most safest and secure bingo  sites. Among the bingo regulating organization, you may find the  Alderney Gambling Control Commission, the Isle of Man Gambling  Supervision Commission, the Gibraltar Licensing Authority, and the  Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, mainly. A reference to any of  them should appear somewhere in the website, usually in the “About”  page.

Do Not Trust Bingo Comparison Sites

Many bingo comparison sites work on the premise to get a commission  from the money that people bet in the different bingo sites that they  are listing. Sometimes they can even include a review claiming that a  given site is the most safest and secure, regardless you might never  have heard anything about such site. So with that said, it is advisable  that you check for other security elements as those noted above.

Bingo Sites Extra Safety

Finally, you can rest assured when playing at online bingo sites that  offer alternative payment gateways to fund your account. When you play  on sites that accept PayPal, Neteller, and similar payment methods, you  are adding an extra layer of protection to your transaction as your  financial information is not disclosed.

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FUNdation Looks for Great Ideas

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FUNdation Looks for Great Ideas has a new promotion that offers FUNds for anyone with a great idea for fun, or who has or is willing to do something just a bit daft and is ready to spill the details. The leading bingo website just completed research on who the least fun celebrities are and has invited them to get involved with FUNdation to liven up their images.

Recently, a poll was conducted to determine who ranked as the least fun celebrities according to Brits. Victoria Beckham got 23 percent of the votes, putting her at the top of the list and a prime candidate for’s list of celebrities. Second and third place went to Jeremy Clarkson and Tom Cruise, respectively. Other celebrities who ranked on this undesirable list were Madonna, Simon Cowell and Kristen Stewart.

Politicians have long been known for lacking a sense of humor, so it’s no surprise they were included in this list as well. Gordon Brown got the majority of votes with 17 percent of the turnout, while John Major and Ed Milibrand were next in line.

For the most fun celebrities, Alan Carr gets the award with 20 percent of the votes. Second place goes to Russell Brand, with Rihanna coming in third. Cameron Diaz and Jonathan Ross also topped the list. Boris Johnson got the award as the most fun politician with 17 percent of the votes. The prime minister, David Cameron, only got 1 percent of votes by respondents.

Jackpotjoy’s FUNdation is live and anyone can participate. The launch was commemorated with a giant rubber duck being thrown into the River Thames, which is a great introduction for some of the more zany ideas for fun. This was a well- planned event that took hours to pull together as a half-ton rubber duck was created by a group of eight people. The duck stood 50 feet high and 60 feet wide and was put into the water at the London West India Dock and ended up at Tower Bridge. It was a great opportunity to shock locals as well as the tourists near the area.

The goal of this promotion is to get people out having fun and encourage them to laugh more. To accomplish this goal, Jackpotjoy is offering a chance at FUNding for anyone who has a fun idea that they would like to turn into a reality. They can also win cash by telling about a fun experience they had. For inspiration, they can visit the Jackpotjoy Facebook page and see what other winners have been up to and get ideas for what they might be willing to try to prove that they too like to have fun.

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