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2012 World Class Online Casino Gaming Services

Categories: Casino Reviews is one of the well-known casino games online. They are part of the Fortune Lounge Group of Online Casinos, a trusted and longest-running casino groups on the internet, and is powered by the award winning Viper Microgaming software. Fortune Lounge is an alliance of top international online casinos. Viper Microgamings advanced features allow players to bet in an optimum play. It has improved graphics, sound and navigation. Fortune Lounge and Viper Microgamings team-up definitely makes one of the premier online casino games. was launched in 2000 and opened with the best gaming experience for new players and seasoned ones. Registered players can enjoy welcome bonus, promotional offerings and loyalty programs with over a hundred casino games for both download and instant-play Flash. They offer world class casino games, slot games, black jack, video poker and more. offers the following progressive games:

Video Slots

Reel Slots

Fruit Slots

MegaSpin Slots

Members can enjoy exciting rewards and access to great tournaments, promotions and bonuses. They offer:

International Slots Leagues

International Black has state-of-the-art mobile online casino platform, which is becoming one of the popular forms of remote gambling. Players have the option to play for fun or for real cash.

Customer Support is available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek Dutch and Portuguese. Their high quality customer support team is impressive and always available 24/7 via telephone, email and live chat.

Review is classy and sophisticated. Players are welcomed with 6 random deposit matches and 175 free credits after the used bonus if theyve deposited above $50. It has a very smooth gaming experience because of the integration of Viper technology by Microgaming. Because of RoyalVegasCasino.coms impressive and positive response from players, it earned an endorsement by eCogra, a UK-based independent self-regulatory, compliance and advisory services organization in online gambling regulation. Royal Vegas has a licensed permitted by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.  Players can expect on-time pay-out with winnings in their banks or ewallet accounts.

It has a high payout percentage and secured payment methods. Players usually receive a 10% bonus on their very first casino deposit. They accept all credit cards and money bookers. Currencies accepted are Australian dollars, UK pounds, US dollars and Canadian dollars. They also accept other major currencies. is currently not accepting new players from US residents although existing US-based players can still enjoy the online casino.

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The History and Evolution of Blackjack

Categories: Blackjack

There is no casino game that is more widely played in the world than Blackjack. Whether in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau or Monte Carlo, Blackjack is being played at every hour of the day, every day of the week. But what is the story behind this fascinating and famous card game? Who invented it? When was it invented? Where did it originate? Blackjack was originally known as 21. Don Quixote, a classic literary piece written in 1605, is the first book known to refer to Blackjack. This means that Blackjack has been around for at least four hundred years. There is great debate between both the French and the Italians as both aspire to be the motherland of this timeless card game.

Many researchers also believe that Blackjack finds its origins in French casinos. The name Blackjack means twenty-one. Two card games called Chemin de Fer and French Ferme were very popular in France in the 1600s and some say that this is where Blackjack was derived from. Blackjack has an equivalent in Spain called One and Thirty. The principle of the game is similar to Blackjack but the difference is that in the Spanish version, one has to reach 31 with at least three cards. The Italians also had a game that was similar to Blacjack called Seven and a Half.

Another theory that was formulated by historians is that Blackjack was invented by the Romans. It is believed that instead of cards, the Romans used wooden blocks with varying numerical values inscribed on them. While Romans are historically known to have had a penchant for gambling, there is no concrete evidence or proof that this theory has any truth to it. The popularity of Blackjack eventually reached America. French colonists were responsible for this. The introduction of Blackjack to North America brought about a change in some of the fundamental rules of the original Blackjack. For instance, only the dealer had the authority to double. The first recorded game of Blackjack was in Evansville, Indiana in 1910.

Blackjack earned the nickname 21 in 1931 after gambling was legalized in Nevada. Researchers of Blackjack have concluded that no single person was responsible for the invention of Blackjack. The evolution of Blackjack was executed throughout hundreds of years and even today, the game continues to change. This is largely in part to the popularity of online casinos and online gambling.

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Online Bingo: know why should you play Bingo?

Categories: Bingo

Online bingo is more popular than its land based counterpart. The reason behind the popularity of the online version is the hectic schedule of people nowadays. People are running from pillar to post to maintain a fine balance between work and home, which leaves no room to engage in relaxation activities like games and entertainment. However, with the advent of Internet technology, various forms of recreational activities are readily available round the clock. The facility of online bingo leverages bingo lovers to spare few minutes for an online game of bingo, while they are on the move.

Internet offers a wide array of game choices for bingo lovers. Many online bingo sites like BingoCams etc. offer players with 90 ball and 75 ball games, in conjunction with chat rooms, where individuals can meet people with similar interests. Moreover, these sites offer a variety of other games for members to enjoy.

Bingo game sties distribute special offers and freebies from time-to-time. Every online bingo site has attractive sign up offers or welcome gifts for new members. Hence, online bingo is more popular than its offline version.

Yet another vital factor that makes this game popular is the social appeal. While playing online bingo, people across the globe shake hands in unity, love, and peace. Many bingo game websites have attached chat rooms that bring people together, where they can play and chat simultaneously and form long-lasting friendships, irrespective of cast, creed, sex, and religion. The atmosphere in these rooms is exhilarating and contagious; it is difficult to escape the liveliness of the game.

Recent studies indicate that online bingo has positive effect on brain development and can improve mental capacity of players across all ages. Tests were conducted over a prolonged period and provided unbiased and accurate results indicating online bingo players have improved memories and able to retain more brain functions as compared to people who don’t play this game. The study indicates that bingo players are more task-oriented and tend to finish the task easily and quickly in comparison to non-bingo players.

Neurologists suggest for an active and healthy brain, it is essential to practice multiple processes in a given period. Since, online bingo requires simultaneous processes of watching cards, chatting and concentrating on the number announced, the game therefore helps to maintain optimum levels of brain function.

These are just a few reasons, which encourage people to play online bingo. Go ahead, relax, and play online bingo in the comfort of your home.

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