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Tips for Newbie Gamers

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When your’e a beginner in online gaming, there is a huge possibility that you might end up losing games and your hard-earned money at the same time. That is why most newbies are considered as potential prey for professional gamers. Of course, losing is a part of games; however, its when you lose constantly that becomes the big problem.

Here are a few tips for beginner games on how they can avoid losing too much money in online games:

Know the game thoroughly before playing: There is no easier prey than a clueless newbie. If possible do not bet money right away. Choose a game you are interested in and practice playing until you familiarize yourself with its flow. Anyway most online games feature a practice mode and you can work out your skills here first before engaging into bets. Only play for real money when you already know everything that needs to be known about that game.

Dont rely so much on beginners luck: If you are betting on this to pull you through in every game then you better think twice. One of the most intriguing things about gambling is ‘beginners luck’. It seems like the person who knows little about a game and playing for the first time always wins! This is one universal truth that is undeniable. But the sad thing is that it is also the reason most people are addicted to gambling in a bad way. Thinking that luck is on their side the new player will come back expecting the same wins every time till he loses a number of times of his initial win even to the point of bankruptcy.

Bet wisely: Know when to step up or step down your bets. Play for a while and judge the game carefully. If you are winning, then level up your bet but if things dont look promising, tone it down as well.

Take a break to clear your mind: Losing streaks usually happen when a player is no longer in focus or is tired and frustrated. When this happens, step away for a while and do something else. Never play when you feel tired or frustrated because there is a huge possibility that your judgement will become clouded.

Develop the ability to walk away: Don’t get sucked in by greed; playing is easy. But It takes a lot of courage to quit, more so when you are still winning. Try not to get lured deeper by the promise of more winnings when you are ahead.

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Bluffing in Poker

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Every true-blue poker player knows it: poker just wouldnt be poker without bluffing. Surely, there is nothing like taking down a huge pot knowing that someone should have gotten it.

Bluffing in poker is an art form in itself and though it has been highly glamorized by the media on TV tournaments and even movies, getting away with it can also be tough so remember that it should also be done judiciously as well. However if used properly and wisely, bluffing can also lead a player to enhance poker profits and even win big in the process.

Here are a few tips for bluffing in your poker matches:

Pay attention to other players. The keener you are with the players who are in the same match with you then the better. Novice players have a tendency to bluff often thus they are easy prey. But it isnt them who you need to watch out forturn more of your attention to the professional players since they are the ones you need to be watching out for.

As said earlier, be careful of how often you bluff. If players have seen you bluffing recently, they will register it. If you try to bluff again too soon then someone is likely to call you. Of course, this can be used to your advantage. If you find yourself with a good hand after being caught bluffing, odds are players will call your bets.

Dont bluff too early. Its better and more advantageous if you bluff at a late position possibly when everyone is checking, calling, or folding in front of you, it’s a good time to try to get the pot. It’s not a good idea to bluff from early position, because you have no idea of other player’s hands.

Bluff when you think your opponent will fold. By betting, big and making them think you have something they can’t match; you can remove them from the game.

Bluff against small stacks.  If your opponent has a small stack, they are unlikely to call a raise unless they have hit the flop hard. But you have to be careful, as it will be rare for a short stack to simply call when bet into, they will either fold or push. Again this is where practice makes perfect, and you will know when your opponent is more likely to fold than push based on their stack size.

It is important to remember however that to win in poker doesnt mean you have to bluff all the time. As you play more poker, you will get to understand this as well as learn other useful stuff about bluffing.

Bluff if you will but do so with confidence and reason. 

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Avoid these and make it big in Poker!

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More and more people are becoming hooked on poker since its steady rise to popularity. That is why it is understandable why there are so many newbies in the game. However, the newbies are in a great disadvantage since inexperience usually causes them to lose a lot during games.

Time and experience will put a stop to these errors, thats for sure. Nevertheless, it will still be mightily helpful, if you familiarize yourself with the flow of the game right from the start so you can learn faster and stop losing.

Here is a list of common mistakes that beginner poker players usually make:

Playing too many hands. Most newbie poker players are so excited during their games that they commit this cardinal sin in poker. Having a face card in the starting hand usually gets a beginner excited but that should not be the case as many professional poker players know.

Playing above the bankroll. Dont let the greed get to you. Youll regret it later on. Try to control yourself and stick to a consistent low limit. Learn how to beat the game first before playing it big.

Getting emotional on the table. Remember the term poker face? Well, that expression did not crop up without a reason. Getting too emotional during a game will make you lose focus and concentration. You cant have all the goods all the timeits a win some, lose some game so keep on wearing that poker face and concentrate on your game.

Not taking pot odds seriously. Most new players do not even bother to calculate the odds. This is because few beginners truly understand pot odds, and underestimate its value in keeping them from calling in a situation that is nearly a no-win scenario. Let your pot odds be your guide and your game will dramatically improve.

Imitating other players. You may pull it off a few times but imitating other poker players is simply nothing but a bad idea. Succeeding in poker cannot be achieved by imitating even if the one you choose to imitate are professionals. You can succeed if you understand the flow of the game and learning to make the right kind of decisions.

Over-valuing suited hands. Having a suited hand is a plus. However, you should not play a hand just because it is suited. The first two things to consider about a starting hand are the ranks of the cards and whether the cards are paired. These are by far the most important factors in the value of a hand. After this, you should consider if they are suited or connecting.

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PROBLEM GAMBLING – Helping Someone Through It

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At times, gambling can be so exciting and fun because of the accompanying thrill in the game. Basically, most people consider occasional gambling as something fair. They would think that when it is seldom done, it wouldnt be that bad at all. But for those who possess conventional approach towards the subject matter, repeated or compounded engagement to the so called occasional gambling could lead to self-destruction eventually. Hence, the possibility of such individual in becoming a problem gambler is more likely.

Given the multi-faceted aspects of gambling, when does it become pathological? And if theres someone whos actually suffering from such condition that could be your friend, loved one, or family member; how can he be helped?

Problem gambling is characterized by various behavioural and psychological attributes that are in deviation with common or usual human responses. There are several ways in order to help a friend or an individual overcome problem gambling and restore previous interpersonal and social functions. Essentially, these involve therapeutic modalities that are related to substance-abuse management. One of these methodologies is motivational interviewing. It is a method that utilizes empathy, attentive listening, and open-ended queries that will elicit responses from the individual and enable him to verbalize his feelings. Another option would be psychodynamic therapy. This modality involves the establishment of trusting therapist-patient relationship. The therapist helps out the individual explore past life events or address underlying conditions that could have triggered or aggravated compulsion leading to problem gambling. Apart from all these, a problem gambler can also be referred to specific support groups that could assist him through phases of recovery. These support groups are important as adjunct or supplemental sources of motivation in order to do away from previous gambling deeds. These groups are comprised of individuals who have both recovered from or currently undergoing problem gambling from whom any problem gambler can relate with and draw strength from. In addition to the previously mentioned modalities, behavioural and cognitive management are employed in order to relearn socially acceptable behaviours, return to pre-gambling states, and eliminate triggering and aggravating factors. All of these methodologies, however, are always administered in combination among other therapies for increased efficacy.

The conflict with pathologic or problem gambling, according to research, involves compulsion in the part of the problem gambler. Given the interplay among biological, neurochemical, and psychosocial dynamics, the exhibition of a set of behaviours indicative of uncontrolled compulsion, which is brought upon by underlying circumstances, is more likely expected. As games associated to gambling become acceptable both in law and society, chances are more people will be drawn to them. On the other hand, while the act of gambling could have been prevented through avoidance or prevention, still, the individual suffering from such condition should not be judged and discriminated.

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