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Gambling: Job or Addiction?

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Daniel Negreanu Biography

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Poker has gone a long way from the dark dingy corners of clubs and casinos to a positively valid sport phenomenon in the recent years. And there is no denying that Daniel Negreanu is one of the biggest poker players in the game today; but beyond his keen eye and sharp skills with cards, who is Daniel Negreanu?

It is no secret that Negreanu burst onto the tournament poker scene in 1997 after successfully winning three tournaments, including two at the World’s Poker Finals. He was also named the tournament’s best all-around player. Born to Parents who fled from Romania during the Communist regime and schooled in the pool halls and card rooms of Toronto, Canada, he originally wanted to become a professional pool player, but soon found the cards calling his name. At the sweet age of 16, he was hustling in pool halls, and this led him to drop out of high school a few credits short of a diploma. He honed his skills by playing at the local charity casinos, looking for illicit tournaments he could join.

He moved to Las Vegas at the age of 22 to pursue his dream of becoming a professional poker player. However, he was forced to return to Toronto after his unsuccessful first foray. This, however, did not dissuade him in the least; instead, he rebuilt his bank roll and broke through eventually. He is now married and currently lives in Nevada.

Negreanu is truly a phenomenal poker player and has one of the best World Series records of any player, and he has also won more money than any other player on the World Poker Tour. He earned the coveted gold bracelet at the young age of 23 back in 1998, bringing home $169,460. Four years after, he would go on to win his second bracelet after besting in the SHOE event, netting $100,440 He also finished second in the $3,000 No Limit Holdem that same year. Negreanu is an avid blogger; he posts his thoughts and feelings about different things in life, politics & the poker world .In fact, he has such strong and influential views on poker that he is often consulted on the big issues by the sports governing bodies. He also serves as an ambassador to the game, tirelessly promoting it all over the world through appearances and books. Being modest and open to sharing his gifts, he also mentors other players and appears in the poker media as a commentator and summarizer. He is also known to be a hockey fanatic. He is often seen wearing NHL jerseys of the Toronto Maple Leafs. An interesting anecdote on this is that he once claimed he almost begged off a tournament because it would fall in the middle of Hockey season.

Daniel Negreanu has also appeared on TV as himself in various reality series, National Geographics Sport Science as well as a music video of Katy Perry and X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie. Negreanu is also a philanthropist ; aside from frequent appearances in charity events, he is also a founder of various charities in support of various causes such as war-torn Darfur . Most prominent of his projects is the Big Swing Charity golf Tournament, where proceeds go directly to charitable causes. All these things make Daniel Negreanu a celebrity worth looking up to. His achievements as the best player in the game and skills on and off the table are a sight to behold, but his philanthropic spirit remains to be one of his best qualities. You can check out his blog and view his entertaining ideas on the sport and other things. He is also active on Twitter, where you can follow him.

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How to Play Poker

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Spawned by a historical movement which also has a direct link to the development of commercial gambling, the modern version of poker has its roots in America. Despite opposing views on the true origin of the card game that can be called the predecessor of  modern poker, this version of the game that spread in the Mississippi delta during the early 18th century has been regarded as such based on its particular betting scheme. The betting scheme of this version of the game resembles largely those of what are known as modern versions of poker today.  Learning how to play poker is easy, however, despite the many variations of the game.

Like typical card games, poker also has similar betting rules and, most of the time, the same hand rankings. The variations of poker differ based on a number of factors: the way cards are dealt to players, the way hands are formed or combined, how the pot is split among winners, and how the rules and limits on betting are implemented. In modern poker, for instance, most variations start with some kind of a forced bet that each preceding player to the left tries to match. During his turn, the player who has no capacity to match the previous bet can choose to fold or lay down his cards and quit playing his hand. A hand is a set of cards held by players in a game of poker. Typically, a hand consists of five cards.

Poker Hands Ranking

A player who holds a hand with high winning potentials or has the ability to bluff his way to victory can opt to increase his or her bet. The betting stops when all the players have either folded or matched the final bet. However, the remaining players, in case only a sole player folded on any round, can collect and snare the pot. They also have the option to conceal their cards from the other players.   A player who is very confident on the positive expected value of his bet can voluntarily place more money on the pot. However, this excludes the initial forced bets.

Albeit very much a game of chance, the outcome of a poker game is highly determined by the players’ actions. Poker, therefore, is a combination of science, particularly psychology, and probability, which is also treated as a branch of mathematics.

As with any other card game, the basic rules of poker can be learned systematically.

Here are seven basic steps on how to play poker:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the hand rankings of poker. Like most card games, the winner in the game of poker is the person who holds the highest valued set of cards or hand. It is impossible to win if you do not have the knowledge on which hands are inclined to win the pot. As a rule, if two hands have equal value, the hand that has the highest value card wins. In poker, ace has the highest value. It is highly advised to memorize the hand rankings in poker.
  2. Learn how to chip in. To chip in means to put a token bet or an ante into the pot, which is in the center spot of the game table. However, you could also use your own pot if you prefer.  Each player must place an amount that matches other players’ currency. Poker chips are the most common form of currency used in the game of professional poker. In some games, however, any currency or bet such as bills, coins, car keys, etc. can be used. The game is based on a winner-takes-all policy.
  3. Know the basics of dealing cards. A poker game is not complete without an official dealer. The dealer’s task is to shuffle the cards and distribute them face down, beginning with the player on his or her left. He then continues dealing in a clockwise direction and one card at a time until all the players have their complete initial hands. The card deck is then placed at the center of the table after the dealing is done.
  4. Mind your own cards, but also be aware of your opponents’ reactions. It is an imperative to evaluate your cards to determine how you hand will fare on the game. However, it is also important to observe tells. Tells are known in poker jargon as your opponents reactions based on how weak or strong their hands are. These are typically physical gestures such as shallow breathing, quirky hand gestures, eye contacts or the lack of, etc. Tells often betray a player to his or her opponents for it usually gives other players an idea on how strong or weak a particular hand is. Piece of advice: always wear a poker face. This means you must reduce these tells as much as possible.
  5. Learn the rules of turns. The player on the dealer’s left is the first person who usually makes a call or bet. This particular player can either open or check. To open means that he place the first bet, while to check is to pass the betting task to the next player. When the pot is opened, players who already have their turns can either:
    1. Call or stay in the game by matching with his currency the amount placed in the pot;
    2. Or fold, which means that the player opts to put his or her card face down on the game table and quit the game.

When everyone has already made their choices, players who still have their turns can raise or stay in the game via placing an amount that exceeds the value of the last person’s additional bet on the pot.

  1. Learn how to draw. After every player has had his or her turn, you can discard up to three cards and have them replaced by the dealer. This is done in turns, beginning from the dealer’s immediate left and in clockwise direction. In discarding cards, you have to decide on the cards that has the least chance of adding value to your hand’s chances of winning. However, you can also opt to keep your initial cards.
  2. Show your cards. After the initial bets and draws, players show their hands on the table to see who the winner is. The winner takes all the money on the pot.

What we have shown you are the rules of the common variation of poker. Rules may vary or can be modified according to particular game variations. If you need to know more on how to play poker variations, the Internet provides a vast source for some of the basic rules on the different poker variants. In parting, we leave you with four helpful tips that will surely make you a better poker player: stay sharp, keep your focus, relax, and enjoy the game.

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2010 casino review

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A variety of online casinos have sprung all over the internet and casino fanatics from all over the world are betting their best betting streaks at the comfort of their own living rooms. Some online casinos specialize in big bonuses, while some have incredibly lush graphics and ambient sounds – for that typical Las Vegas feel casino goers really want. is a relatively new online casino that was launched in 2009, a recent addition to the Hambledon N.V roster of casinos, the founders of the ever popular US friendly Golden Casino, as well as the well-sought after Online Vegas most online casino fanatics know about. With their roster of popular online casinos, GoCasino as a recent addition is definitely a casino to watch out for.

The makers of GoCasino are famous for their casinos overflowing with fantastic games, exorbitant bonuses, plenty of tournaments, and that first class treatment one would get in the bustling casinos of Las Vegas. How does Go Casino fair as compared to other online casinos? This casino review will delve into the pros and cons of GoCasino, so before you sign up why dont you give yourself a little time to peruse through our observations? When it comes to online casinos, the gambler is always the judge.

GoCasino, powered by Playtech software, follows a software platform delivered by Vegas Technology.  This particular software platform is an old but extremely reliable gambling software producer who has been a tough competitor with regards to quality of gambling software. With a realistic Vegas casino style experience, casino goers could might as well forget going to real casinos and stay at home instead! The GoCasino software weighs at a light-weight 3.09MB, with no known download and installation problems. Unfortunately, the go casino software will not run on your Mac, but should run smoothly in your Virtual PC or your Vmware software. Should you encounter problems with your setup, GoCasinos customer support are always available by email, phone and later should you have installed the software successfully, they are available by live chat from inside the GoCasino software. Your phone calls will always be answered by friendly support staff, so troubleshooting will never be a hassle for you. What sets Vegas Technology casinos apart from other software producers is that it accepts US players and ergo, have seen a huge increase in fame as their corresponding revenue streams. Revenue collected from this advantageous capability has been used to further improve the gaming software, so if the particular software of an online casino concerns you, GoCasino will not let you down.

A sleek flash video featuring slots machines welcome you to their site, with a huge banner that reads Massive Multi-Deposit Welcome Bonus – $20,000 FREE with your first 20 deposits. New comers can claim their bonus not only in their first deposit, but also in the following 19 deposits they engage in. The amount of bonus one gets amounts to a staggering $20,000! Everyone should agree that this amount is absolutely jaw-dropping. Take note, though, that while you need to make 20 deposits to claim the entire bonus, most casinos offer 100% match bonuses and they rarely even offer more than $100 above.

The variety of games GoCasino provides is extremely formidable. With this much games, you will find yourself in apprehension of where to start first, but this, if you ask online casino players, is a very good problem to encounter. The slot games have various themes, most of which are based on TV shows and popular movies, and it is absolutely inevitable that you find yourself laughing when you crank some GoCasino slots. The team should have been able to come up with more varieties though, but their collection of slot machines should be enough to incite endorphins from a slot machine addict. Table games also make most of the GoCasino games, and poker fans will never be disappointed. With Carribbean Stud, Pai Gow, and Tri Card games, those poker fanatics are sure to be on their betting streak. The roulette, red dog, baccarat, and blackjack are also available for players who want more variety in their game playing.

GoCasino accepts major credit cards as well as other deposit methods. You can pay by a number of different processes like Click2Pay, NETeller and Solid Debit Card among all others. As an advantage, US payments are no longer processed with a hassle.

GoCasino is definitely a recommended online casino. With more than a hundred casino games, a gambling platform that is more than top-notch, stunning eye-candy casino graphics, and a team of very supportive customer service, GoCasino is an online casino that would never let anyone down. GoCasino is a more than a solid choice worth visiting.

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2010 Casino Review

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Online casinos have taken a good share of the gambling market, and the share of the market which they are slowly taking over every day is growing at surprising rates. There are a variety of reasons why one should choose online casinos, and one of those reasons, is i4poker.

i4poker is an online poker site that hosts a variety of gambling games. Studded in its homepage are options for poker, sportsbetting, casino, bingo, and an access to its VIP shop. Though originally a poker room site, i4poker also hosts an online casino with a formidable variety of casino games. The options for casino games are vast and incredibly numerous, ergo, a plus for its playability. i4poker targets the most serious and high-stakes players internationally. The player traffic is light, but expect player traffic to increase during peak hours. With its serious and professional approach, i4poker is currently attracting a huge number of casino-fanatics all over the world.

i4poker boasts of its incredibly large selection of top rated, incredibly lush and colourful casino games which are updated regularly due to popular demand. Sit back, relax and play some high-detailed, eye-candy, table games such as baccarat or 3 wheel roulette. Why not try your luck on some slots when there are 36 especially themed, incredibly dynamic ones to choose from? Crank some slots in India with the wittily themed Arabian Nights slot; go western with Dead or Alive, or cruise with the Vikings in Vikings Treasure. Your choice of slot machine might as well determine your luck!

If these do not amuse you, why not try your hand at some video poker? Play Bingo-Keno or try some Lucky draws. In i4poker, the choices are endless.

Software and Graphics

The software that i4poker uses is plain, simple, and incredibly easy to use. If there is something i4poker should be proud about, it should be their graphics. The graphics for their casino games are top-of-line and visually stunning. There are some drawbacks with large download files, but the installation and registration procedures are quick, easy, and relatively painless so players could start with their casino games at once. Sounds are ambient, surprisingly true to life, and will give you that Vegas feel casino players are dying to experience. i4pokers casino games have the ability to take you straight to Vegas right in the comfort of your own home! The client i4poker uses is very reliable and surprisingly stable, just perfect for the professional players i4poker is aiming to attract. Their casino games have beautiful interfaces, very user friendly, and have astounding features.

Bonuses and Promotions

i4poker offers starter kits for new registrants. The minimum deposit is an affordable 10 euros for those with a tight budget, but for a registration deposit of only 50 euros, i4poker will send you a free starter kit with some series playing cards and a free, funky new t-shirt! A welcome bonus of 100% for the first deposit is offered by the site, which reaches up to 1,000 euros. If you earn VIP points, the bonus is entirely redeemable! For those who want earning opportunities, i4poker offers a generous 15 euros, but the player who was referred must accumulate 200 VIP points inside a specified time period.

Customer Support

i4poker has an extremely efficient customer support that responds quickly and accurately via email, live chat, or telephone. Should you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to contact their friendly team. The site also has an area for frequently asked questions, so should you have any problems, the FAQ should be able to answer it as well. As compared to other gambling sites, i4poker offers more information with its video tutorials and guides for new players.

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