Benefits of playing poker

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Poker is not only a game you play just for fun but it also teaches you some life lessons. Besides making for a good evening with friends, you can use the skills learned to stay ahead in the office and in life. This article explores some benefits of playing poker game.

Probability and risk

For you to win any game of poker you will have to take risk and win or lose. Playing is about chance and probabilities. There are many people who are living in their comfort zone and are too afraid to take risks. If you play poker you are able to evaluate various situations and based on the probability of succeeding you take your chances. Understanding the relationship between risk and reward is very important when you are playing poker game. This is usually the case in real life those who take the most risk take home the greatest reward.

Make decisions under pressure

Poker is an intense game. People who play the game are forced to make hard decisions under pressure. This applies in life. When you are in a leadership position you are forced to make very important decisions that will have an impact on many peoples life’s. A poker player is able to make faster and better decisions. The poker player balances between making some cash and at the same time taking calculated risks. If they make a wrong move they can lose their winnings. How much you place on a bet is also critical.

Studying Body language

When you are playing poker you need to study your opponent and guess what they are thinking. You can know what decision a particular player will make based on their body language. Are they nervous, do they look confident or are they playing bluff? This skills will help you if you are in a position where you manage people. You can make decisions based on the study of their body language.

Multitasking skills

If you are playing multiple games online then your brain has to be very alert to make fast and correct decisions. This skills are crucial because they enable you to handle multiple tasks at the same time. You are also able to handle the pressure from doing multiple things.

Money management

When you are playing poker and placing bets you will need to manage your money very well. Betting more than you are willing to can lead to you being in a financial crisis. Poker lets you make some money on the side. There is a lot of discipline required when you are playing the game. You will also learn how to save your winnings for the next game.

Great company

Poker is a game you play with family and friends. This lets you interact and laugh with people whose company you enjoy. Social skills are critical if you are too succeeding in life. Those who play poker at an early age have better communication skills than those who haven’t.

Emotional skills

We do not always win in everything that we do. Those who play poker are able to accept defeat and move on easily. They have learned that life is a journey with ups and downs. This emotional strength enables poker players handle emotional turmoil. Poker players have a better understanding of reward and loss. They know that if they play the game well they will win and if they make mistakes it may cost them the game. In life you will need to take risks, make mistakes and suffer loses; it’s a part of life. Poker players have accepted this reality.

Helps in mathematics

Young people who learn how to play poker from an early age are able to solve mathematical problems better than those who do not. The game is about probability and risk. Someone is required to take chances which can cause them to either win or lose the game. There is also the use of logic in making decisions in a poker game. This skills can be extended to the classroom and you will notice that your child performs better in class when it comes to mathematics and critical thinking skills.


Poker is a very intense game that needs you to be very alert. This improves your concentration levels. You will not only need to see wants going on the board but you will need to study your opponent behavior patterns. You will also need to gather some information and use it against your opponents. The game is very tactical and requires you to be alert at all times in order to win the game. This level of concentration can be extended to the classroom. Young people can score better grades when they use the skills learned in poker.

Discipline and patience

There is a lot of discipline required from a poker player to prevent them from making impulsive decisions. Poker games require strategy and practice. It requires a lot of plays for one to become a pro. While you study your opponent, you will notice those that lack discipline and use this information against them. Winning often go to the most patient and tactical player. The one who plays his/her cards right and waits for the right moment to win the game. Impatience leads to loss of winnings. It also requires a lot of discipline not to waste all of your money in empty bets.

The game also forces you to think of the long-term. The game requires you to be tactful all through the game. With time you will learn which decisions produce the most results and which cause you to lose the game. When you think longterm you are able to manage your bets throughout the game and cashout at the right time. This lessons when applied in real life can lead to tremendous success. In life those who are the most disciplined and who make longterm decisions end up being multi-billionaires.


Poker is an excellent game with lessons that can be applied in real life. Young people are encouraged to start playing the game at an earlier age. There is a lot of misconception that poker is like gambling but this is not true. It is a fun game that can be played by both family and friends.

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How to Play Scratch Cards Online

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1Yes, scratch cards online really exist. Yes, they are just as much fun as they are in person. Yes, they are more convenient and can provide a longer play than the scratch card in your hand. No, please do not use a coin to scratch your monitor, ipad, tablet, phone or other digital device, that is not how it works.

Good, now that we have gotten that out there and the obvious questions have been answered, let’s take a closer look at how to play scratch cards online. Everyone who is reading this, is not a hermit, and has been to a supermarket is familiar with the concept of a scratch card. They are small pieces of card-stock that are covered with colorful, eye-catching coating, and offer amazing winning potential. Take Grace Walker of Hamilton, Lanarkshire for example. She spent 600 Pounds per month buying scratch cards, but won a million pounds on one card. The anticipation at the potential to win such large sums of money provide the greatest draw for people who purchase them. They are played in the most simple way. The player chooses a card, usually from a wide variety of available cards, uses a coin to scratch away the coating and reveal the contents below. While all scratch cards have different requirements to win, the determination of whether the card is a winner or not is always clear once the playing field has been revealed.

That is the traditional model for a scratch card, but it has two major flaws. First, you must go to your local point of sale to get one. That involves getting out of bed, adorning clothes suitable to the weather (likely something warm that will keep you dry) and making your way to Tescos, Sainsbury’s, or even the petrol station to make your purchase. What an inconvenience! Once there, you are limited by 2 factors, how much money do you want to spend, and what are the prices. What if you want to spend 5 quid, but the card you want costs 10? Do you spend more, or temper your expectations? This is the second flaw in the traditional model. While most people are aware of the flaws, many have not yet found the solution, but it is so obvious. It’s the internet. The internet makes everything better.

So, how does this work? Well, first you need to decide where you want to play. The internet is literally littered with sites that offer scratch cards online. You can’t throw a digital rock without hitting one. Find one that looks good to you and give it a try. Most sites take less than a minute to register for and offer great bonuses for new players. Most will even let you play for free. No, if you play for free you do not get to keep your winnings, so don’t ask. Here is how this model solves the flaws inherent in the traditional model. First, the internet does not require clothes, or even for you to get out of bed. There is no inconvenience to playing scratch cards online unless you have to get out of bed to get the laptop or tablet, and lets be realistic, you were going to do that anyways. Second, the internet is versatile. There is no printing, so anything can change. For example, if you want to play your favorite scratch card, Fast Hands, but you want to make your 5 pounds from before really last, then you can buy the scratch cards for 10p and play over and over. Want to blow the whole lot of it in one go, have at it then. You have the control when you play online. Name your price. Don’t let “The Man”, whoever he is, tell you what you are going to pay. Go online and name your own price, that is what I say!

2Now let’s go back to the questions that we answered at the beginning. Primarily, what to do with your coin? Like I said before, please don’t scratch your screen. I know that these internet cards look very appealing, but you must practice restraint, because even though the winnings are very real, the cards are digital and the end result will not be what you hoped for. Instead, here is what you should do. Use your finger to scratch the digital card. No, not your fingernail, that will ruin your nails, and possibly your device. Instead use the tip or pad of your finger. Miss the feeling of something in your hand, how about a stylus. However you choose to scratch your card, use your coin for something else. You could use it to shim that uneven table leg, or pay a toll, or you could even flip it to help you decide whether to eat indian or McDonalds for dinner. You could even use it to buy another card. However you choose to use your coin, keep it away from your device.

Now many of you are asking, “What if I like to scratch the left side first, then the right side, then the middle?” You can still do that online. “But what if I like to scratch top to bottom?” Go for it. “But what if…” Yes, you can scratch however you want. You can even click scratch all and let the computer do the work for you.  Ok, so maybe you didn’t ask any of those questions and this whole page is just ridiculous. You might be right, but it is fun, and if you can’t have fun then you probably don’t have any interest in playing scratch cards online. If you don’t have any interest in playing online scratch cards, then why have you read all the way to the bottom of the page? Just admit it, it may have been ridiculous, but at the very least it made you smile, even if just a little bit.

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Get free $500 Tournament at Slots of Vegas

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Get free 22 Free Spins at Raging Bull Casino

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